Sunday, 18 March 2012

Jimmy's Recipe, CBD

Been craving laksa every since coming to Sydney so was on a mission to find out the best laksa places around town!  Jimmy's Recipe was the closest one in proximity.  Tucked in the buildings of the Galleries Victoria complex in CBD, its a hybrid of a sit-down restaurant and food court takeway. 

Jimmy's Recipe serves Malaysian food.  I see most customers having the laksa dishes or the Char Guew Teow (Pan Fried Rice Noodle) so of course I choose the same.

We start off with the Chicken Laksa.  Quite a large portion for the price.  As with the traditional laksas, the noodles were a mixture of vermicelli noodles and yellow noodles.  The broth was not too creamy, which works for me.  Found the broth was not too spicy though, would have preferred a little more kick.  They do have hot oils which you can add to pump up the spiciness.

Chicken Laska ($7.80)

Second dish was the Seafood Char Guew Teow.  A mixture of flat rice noodles, pan fried together with Chinese vegetables and seafood.  Seafood consisted mainly of fish cakes, fish balls and a few prawns.  The noodles were then covered by an egg-like sauce. 

Personally, I found it a little salty.  I also would have preferred this dish dry - without the sauce.  Might try it next time without it at all, so I can get a true taste of the noodles.
Seafood Char Guew Teow ($8.80) 

Service was quick - order your food, pay and sit down.  Food usually comes out in 5 mins or so.  Good place for a quick, casual and affordable meal.

Jimmy's Recipe
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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe, The Rocks

Was craving mussels and had heard about their 1/2 price mussels specials on Wednesday, so finally got to try it with my US friends when they were visiting.

We choose Mussels in Proven├žale style, served with a side of vegetables instead of chips.  Mussels came in a great big-ol' pot, filled to the rim together with tomatoes, capsicum and herbs.  Unfortunately, the mussels were small and not very meaty, and the soup broth was a little bland in flavour. 

Mussels Proven├žale ($31.90)
Cooked with tomatoes, capsicum, herbs & garlic.

My friend had the Chargrilled Kangaroo Loin, since Kangaroo meat is had to come-by in the States :)  Meat was a little game-y and tough, but to be expected of this kind of meat.  Broccolini was well cooked but the dished all in all was under seasoned, even with the berry sauce underneath.

Chargrilled Kangaroo Loin ($32.20)
Served with crispy chat potatoes, buttered broccolini and a Leffe Brune& juniper berry sauce.

The food here is pretty average given the price, and did not have any deep favours to their dishes.  The 1/2 price mussels every Wednesdays packs out the restaurant, but even then, the mussels were just 'meh' to me.  Unlikely to return unless its for drinks, since I must say that their beer selection is quite large!  Great place to hang out with friends and for large group settings.  But if you are looking for good, hearty meals....I would suggest to head elsewhere :)

Venue of the restaurant from the top balcony seating area
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Monday, 5 March 2012

Landmark Cafe, Double Bay

Ventured out to Double Bay for the first time.  Was pleasantly surprised by the strip mall of shops aligning the quaint streets.  Arrived at Landmark Cafe at around 9.30pm and restaurant was open with both indoor and outside seating. 

Came with the full intention of having ice-cream, but once I read the dessert menu, decided to go with a cake instead - Was thankful I did!  Had this amazing Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Tart – w/ vanilla ice cream......probably the best tart since coming to Sydney!

A generous portion, drizzled with white chocolate, large whole macadamia nuts surrounded by gooey caramel, all encased in a Shortbread crust.  Beautifully presented too with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the side!  Can be shared..but this one was all mine after the first bite :)

Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Tart – w/ vanilla ice cream -$13.50

Ordered a hot chocolate as well.  Service was quick and the waitress was polite - super accommodating when we wanted to move tables from outside to inside.

Hot Chocolate

Great little cafe, I would definitely come back to try their other desserts, for a drink and chat with friends.

Landmark Cafe, Double Bay
27 Knox Street, Double Bay, NSW, 2028   
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